Authority From God

Randy Clark


I recognize the need for ministers other than myself teaching my people. However, I only want those who will strengthen what I am doing as Pastor, by building and blessing the church. I do not want those who are endeavoring only to build their own ministry. Randy has ministered in our church on numerous occasions and does a tremendous job. He is an excellent teacher and sensitive to the Holy Spirit. His ministry will be a blessing to any church.
Stephen E. Vickers, Founding Pastor, Christian Life Church, Montgomery, Alabama

It is a joy to see what God has done for Randy and Karen Clark. They served in the church we pastor in Tulsa, Oklahoma in many areas including President of the Victory Bible Institute Alumni Association. They are stable, faithful workers for Jesus and ready to serve.
Billy Joe Daugherty, Founding Pastor, Victory Christian Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Randy served as my Assistant Pastor for 2 ½ years. He has a heart for ministry, and has disciplined himself in preparation for the ministry of preaching and teaching of the Word. His communication skills and anointing of the Holy Spirit are a powerful combination that will bless any church.
Gary Taylor, Gary Taylor Ministries, Alabama

Randy Clark is a skillful expositor and Bible teacher whose preaching always enlightens and challenges God's people. You will appreciate his servant's heart and central motivation to complement and strengthen your ministry. A genuine friend to pastors, he will always undergird and never undermine your authority. I pray that you will take the opportunity to get to know him and enjoy the benefits of his anointing.
Steve Reynolds, Senior Pastor, Arlington, Texas

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